Women’s Health

The Woman and Child Health Center of Longview provides families with comprehensive women’s health services, offering a full range of OB/GYN and prenatal and post-natal services.  Our trained women’s health professionals focus on the specific health issues women face, including Pap smears, pelvic and breast exams, contraception and family planning counseling, treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and referrals for mammograms.

To schedule a women’s health appointment today, please call 903-212-7170.

Meet Our Women’s Health Providers

Pediatric Care

At the Woman and Child Health Center of Longview, we offer complete pediatric care for patients from newborn through teens.  We know that regular pediatric check-ups with a consistent provider are critical to a child’s overall health. That is why we offer comprehensive pediatric primary care, including vaccinations, diagnoses, and treatments for a wide array of common childhood illnesses such as earaches, sore throats, the flu, asthma, and skin rashes.

To schedule a pediatric appointment today, please call 903-212-7110.

Meet Dr. Hough, Director of Pediatric Services